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Franque Bains

Franque Bains Franque Bains

Franque Bains is Southern California seeded and sprouted and grew up in a household where humor brought healing in the most unexpected ways. With all of that good sunshine on her skin and laughter in her bones, she's spent the last 15 years working in community organizing on projects rooted in helping folks heal through finding their voice, sharing their story, and connecting to the power of play.  Receiving formal education at Claremont Graduate University she's earned a master's in mathematics and education. To nurture her passion for story and comedy, she's taken further coursework in poetry, storytelling, and improv theater and currently leads workshops infusing all three. Through connection with beloved community, she's honored to be a member of the Nubian Storytellers of Utah Leadership, serve on the board of the Utah Black Artist Collective, and work with community organizers in infusing healing into their work. You can find her most days cracking her goofy jokes because she’s found that laughter is our greatest connector. What a wonderful world we can build, if we can just slow down and take a moment to laugh together.