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Title I Arts Education Program

“With budget cutbacks in schools, the arts program is limited, especially for Kindergarten. This exposure activates their right brain to restore balance to their education.”
- Kirstin Berez, Kindergarten Teacher, Riley Elementary


SLAC believes in the power – backed up by research and experience – of the arts to enhance students’ educational performance and interest in learning. With a focus on K-2 students, we select plays based on popular children’s books to inspire reading and creativity. Launched in 2009, SLAC's professional children’s production includes free field trip performances for underserved Title I schoolchildren. Title I schools serve low-income and more academically at-risk students. As a refuge city, the Salt Lake community welcomes families from across the globe. With a greater number of ethnic minority students than Caucasian, Salt Lake City School District is a minority-majority district with more than 100 languages spoken by its students and families. 

Traditionally, SLAC hosts over 2,000 students through ten free performances. Throughout the pandemic, we offered this program digitally reaching over 5,000 students virtually in 2020 and 2021. Now in its 14th year, our Title I Arts Education Program is more impactful than ever. We will be welcoming students back to the theatre in-person and will be offering this program virtually to reach even more students locally and nationally. This season, we are thrilled to present A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD with book and lyrics by Willie Reale, music by Robert Reale, and based on the ever-popular books by Arnold Lobel. Two best friends celebrate and rejoice in their differences that make them unique and special. A story of a friendship that endures, weathering all seasons.

Program Feedback from Teachers
“​​After seeing We are in a Play the students were in love with Elephant and Piggy and were so excited to get more books about them. They played the characters at recess and PE and references to the play were heard for many weeks after.” -Dona Schlappi, 1st grade Jackling Elementary

“This was a great way to get my students exposed to drama on their level. It was a play they were interested in and had background for. They loved seeing one of their favorite stories acted out. They begged me not to turn it off (we split it into two days so we could watch the whole thing).” -Heidi Wilzbach, 2nd Grade, Rees Elementary

“For the kids to see a play is amazing. ​​They make connections, they hear fluency, they just plain enjoy it, and they get to see an art form not often seen.” -Amy Davis, 2nd Grade, Cherry Creek Elementary

“For most of my students this was their first exposure to a play and they loved it! Only about half an hour per week is devoted to the arts and students are hungry for more exposure to these kinds of ideas, experiences, and opportunities. It was eye-opening for them. High-quality plays are rarely made accessible to children, so I love that you make kid-friendly productions! This is when people fall in love with the arts!” -Rosalie Hart, 1st Grade, King Elementary

Thanks to the generosity of the following local businesses and foundations for their generous support of this program. 

  • Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, and Parks Program
  • Salt Lake City Arts Council
  • The Rodger and Kate Graef Family Foundation
  • B.W. Bastian Foundation
  • John & Marcia Price Family Foundation
  • Sorenson Legacy Foundation
  • R. Harold Burton Foundation
  • Herbert I. & Elsa B. Michael Foundation
  • Henry W. & Leslie M. Eskuche Foundation
  • Rocky Mountain Power Foundation

If you are interested in sponsoring this vital program, please contact us.

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