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Jennica Anusua

Jennica Anusua Jennica Anusua

Jennica Anusua (Ramola/Ensemble) is absolutely thrilled to be making her debut with SLAC in Yoga Play. A lover of all things arts, she attributes her passion for the stage to her pre-K dance classes, violin lessons and lead role in her 3rd grade musical. She is presently engaged in film, television, and stage work dovetailed with mental and emotional health work and is excited to see how her career will continue to grow. Some of her most recent credits include Falling for Christmas (Carla), Sherlock the Musical (Reporter), Barefoot in the Park (Corie), Freelancers Season 2 (Officer Gatlin), and Murder is Announced (Miss Marple). Jennica is deeply passionate about the continued elevation of diverse narratives and the immense power inherent in storytelling to help people find belonging, their voice, and pathways to heal. All of her love, gratitude, and admiration to those at SLAC, and to her family and friends for their continued support and for helping her find her most full self within and outside of her art.