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Kimi Handa Brown*

KIMI HANDA BROWN* (Marjorie) A Multi-Hyphenate Non-Binary Japanese American Artist based in Salt Lake! From screen to print to stage to studio, they spend their time doing anything and everything they want to. The beginning of 2022 has been filled with Intimacy Directing for Plan B’s Theater Season (including The Clean-Up Project, Aftershock, and Mestiza, or Mixed) and Choreographing for YTU’s Production of Matilda JR with UtahPresents at Kingsbury Hall. Some of their previous works that are available to stream on line include: their play Shakespearean Support Group on Spotify, Apple Music and more. And their play-turned-film Manic Pixie Nightmare which was most recently featured at LABELED FEST is currently available to stream on YouTube. They are very excited to work with SLAC again, and a big thank you to the continuous support from their family and community. Enjoy the show and continue to support their work by following them on Instagram: @kimilawls