Topher Rasmussen

Topher Rasmussen (Russo) is delighted to return to SLAC for his second Kathleen Cahill play. SLAC credits: R+J: STAR CROSS'D DEATH MATCH, COURSE 86B IN THE CATALOGUE (2012 CityWeekly Arty: Best Chewing of Scenery), THE FERMI PARADOX (Davey Foundation Reading), HARBUR GATE (SLACLab, NPSS Reading), and LAURA AND THE SEA (SLACLab, NPSS Reading). Other credits: THE PRIVATE EAR (Sting & Honey), ADAM AND STEVE & THE EMPTY SEA (Plan-B, fringeNYC 2013), BORDERLANDS (Plan-B), THE WORST THING I'VE EVER DONE (Sackerson), THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY, ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, TWELFTH NIGHT, TAMING OF THE SHREW (Grassroots Shakespeare Company), NEXT TO NORMAL (UVU, KCACTF 2014), and HAMLET AND OPHELIA GO SWIMMING (Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival). Love and gratitude to my friends and family, Kathleen, and SLAC.