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SLAC: Privacy, McMansions and the Evil Media | 15 bytes

February 09, 2015

by ANN POORE | February 7th, 2015 | 15 bytes

Lighting adds a lot to a play and it simply wasn't there opening night at Salt Lake Acting Company's world premiere of Elaine Jarvik's "Two Stories." There were two interruptions in the production due to a blown fuse before it was decided that, well, the show must go on. And so it did, with just a steady onstage glow. No spotlights, no fades, no blackouts.
And it was a two-thumbs -up offering, superbly acted, seeming perhaps a bit overlong, more due to waits for lighting repairs than to the complexity of the absorbing dialogue. The final quarter, however, was loaded with (too many?) issues, all resolved — though not neatly, to the playwright's credit.


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