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Salt Lake Acting Company’s The True Story of the Three Little Pigs is a Meaty Treat for Kids and Their Parents Alike

December 20, 2017

Salt Lake Acting Company’s The True Story of the Three Little Pigs is a Meaty Treat for Kids and Their Parents Alike

Front Row Reviewers Utah | Steven N. Williams | December 14, 2017

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs at Salt Lake Acting Company by Paul Gilvary, Robert Kauzlaric, and William Rush is based on the book by John Scieszka and Lane Smith. Everyone knows the story of the three little pigs. But, have you ever wondered who’s telling that story? What would it be like to hear it from the wolf’s perspective? This is a great opportunity to find out. The show is done as a courtroom drama, and the aftermath of the famous story unfolds. This version is geared mostly to kids. I brought my three-year-old with me on a daddy-daughter date. It’s a musical, and full of hilarious elements for keeping a kid’s attention. There are also plenty of enjoyable moments for adults, for instance, they use the book Animal Farm to swear in on in the courtroom.

Lillian Magill (Ali Bennett) is a freelance reporter enticed to the trial of the Big Bad Wolf by the possibility that he might not get a fair processing of justice. Bennett is upbeat and delightful throughout the show. It must take some serious energy or caffeine to keep a smiling demeanor for that length of time. The Honorable Prudence/Pig #1 (Betsy West) is a judge with strong ties to the community and strong relationships with its inhabitants. Her bias against the Big Bad Wolf isn’t something that she feels inclined to hide. West is perfect for this role in that she looked, sounded, and acted exactly as a small-town judge. Alexander T. Wolf (Derek Gregerson) is the accused at trial for the consumption of 2 Little Pigs. Gregerson does a phenomenal job of conveying his innocence and the misunderstanding that led to the accusation. He is meek and mild, although his exterior is fierce and wild. Gregerson’s singing voice is powerful and full of emotional additives to the plight he is in. Julia/Pig #2 (Becky Jeanne) is the attorney for the prosecution. Jeanne is a smart business woman with similar leanings and connections as the judge. She is convinced of the guilt and danger posed by the Big Bad Wolf. Trevor B. Dean (Rocky/ Dr. Robert/ Martha/ Maxwell/ Pig #3) is a good half of the characters in this tale. Dean displays great versatility as he quick changes between roles. He transforms his costume, voice and mannerisms with great precision.

Director/ Music Director/ Choreographer Penelope Caywood has a wonderfully crafted show that is appropriate for the whole family. It’s funny and engaging while also telling a valuable story. It is educational and completely in the style of the book. Set Design by Thomas George brings you into a simple courtroom with an exaggerated judges bench. Its imposing size sets the stage perfectly for the odds the Big Bad Wolf faces. Puppet Design, Steven Glenn Brown and Linda L. Brown, adds a large dose of horror to the story with a literally larger than life Wolf that is used in the reenactment of the crime screen. The Browns created some wonderful puppets for this story.

My three-year-old and all the other kids in the crowd seemed to love it, and I was entertained as well. The theater is a wonderfully fun set up, with different variations of seating. We were on a padded bench, some of the kids sat on mats up front, and there were even tables to sit at. We enjoyed some pig cookies and loved the atmosphere.

If you want to hear the truth behind the infamous porkers, or just have a fun time with your family, then The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs at Salt Lake Acting Company is for you.