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November 2017 Subscribers of the Month: Christine and Peter Helfrich

November 14, 2017

This month, we are excited to feature long-time subscribers Christine and Peter Helfrich

Christine began attending SLAC in the eighties with her father. When she moved out of state, she made a point to fly back every year from Indiana to see SATURDAY'S VOYEUR to keep with tradition. Since 1999, Christine and Peter have been dedicated subscribers to SLAC and have never missed a show!

Peter says, "One only has so many hours in a week to see theatre, and we never want to make the safe choice. We want exciting, fun, new. We want SLAC! It's always amazing to see the actors up close in the theatre, working and developing these characters." Christine adds, "The plays make you feel a range of emotions. They're happy, uncomfortable, thought-provoking, and new. We want to be involved in what's new!"

One of the most memorable productions they have seen recently is CLIMBING WITH TIGERS. Christine points out that SLAC is "enagaged in the community in many aspects, including addressing challenging topics. SLAC explores deep issues while inviting children and young adults into the theatre where they can talk about these issues in a safe space.

We are humbled to have the support of these two incredible subscribers, and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for all that they do for SLAC.