October 2017 Subscribers of the Month: Kevin and Linsey Harkness

05 October 2017

We are thrilled to launch our Subscriber of the Month program, honoring just some of the incredible people that grace us with their presence each season (or, for some, many, many seasons!). 

This month, we are excited to feature the fun and fabulous Kevin and Linsey Harkness

New-ish subscribers now in their fourth season, they religiously bring Subway and champagne to the Green Room before each performance. We were immediately struck by the enthusiasm of this couple and their large group of friends everytime they walked through our doors. 

At The Party annual fundraiser during the 2015/2016 season, they were the highest bidder at the live auction for a date with Josepth Smith, our very own Robert Scott Smith. Linsey and good ol' Joe hit up one of our favorites, Red Rock, for some brews and gossip about how she could become his next wife. As you can see from the picture below, it went very well. 

They began their journey at SLAC thanks to some friends.

"Five years ago, friends of ours called us and invited us to VOYEUR. We said, 'Sure! What is that?' We subscribed that very night. We were blown away and kept thinking, “How did we not know that this was in our backyard?” We’d gone to other plays in town but we had never been to anything that struck so close to home."

Their favorite play so far is BLACKBERRY WINTER, saying, "After BLACKBERRY WINTER we talked the whole way home. It wasn’t just entertainment, it sparked something inside of us and got us start thinking about our future. We always leave SLAC having conversations about real life issues, and continue the discussion of the themes with our friends."

Thank you for your support and kind words, Kevin and Linsey! We can't wait to join you for some champagne and subs soon. 

Linsey and Joseph SmithKevin and Linsey