The David Ross Fetzer Foundation for Emerging Artists Grant

Free Reading - Monday, July 31 @ 7pm

LAND OF NO MERCY by Rae Binstock

Director: Jamie Rocha Allan

Cast: Flo Bravo, Gordon Dunn, Louis Hillegass IV, Natalie Keezer, Ali Kinkade, Heidi Mendez, Ashley Marian Ramos, Ryon Sharette
Stage Manager: Ash Crystal
Dramaturg: Sydney Cheek O'Donnell
Projection Design: Martin C. Alcocer
Set Consultant: Cara Pomeroy


The apartment sits on the corner of Monroe and Clinton, tucked away in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It’s a cozy little place, just big enough for two—but which two? Yetta and Solomon, the Jewish immigrants from 1915, business owners fighting to get through each day and hold on to a world thousands of miles away, while they worry about starting a family in the Land of Opportunity? Or Maria and Alex, the millennial oddballs of the present who sweep into the neighborhood on a tide of gentrification, struggling to keep their college relationship viable in the face of new stressors, new ambitions, and new neighbors? A century apart but close enough to touch, two couples inhabit the same cramped apartment. Their stories weave together, contrasted throughout history, a collage of youth, hope, and uncertainty in what Tony Kushner calls “the melting pot where nothing melted”.




SLAC is proud to partner with The David Ross Fetzer Foundation for Emerging Artists to offer a playwright 35 years of age or younger the chance to develop a new script.


The grant provides:

  • Travel and accommodations to Salt Lake City
  • A weeklong workshop with a professional director and company of actors 
  • A staged reading and post-play discussion at SLAC - free and open to the public


The 2017 Davey Foundation Grant is awarded to Rae Binstock for her play, A LAND OF NO MERCY. 

Read more about her here.

The 2017 finalists were KINGS OF AMERICA by Sean Patrick Nill and THE ROOM WHERE I WAS HELD by David Zax.


Past Winners:

2016 - Brynne Frauenhoffer for her play SYNCHRONICITY. Read more about her here.
Finalists: CHILL by Eleanor Burgess, SINNER-MAN by Liz Maestri, and PASSING TIME IN ANIMAL TOWN by Ryan Oliveira.

2015 - Katherine Vondy for her play THE FERMI PARADOX. Read about her here



For more information about this grant, contact Shannon Musgrave, Associate Artistic Director: 801-363-7522 or