The Caretaker

By Harold Pinter

September 16 - October 11
Directed by John Vreeke
Starring Joe Cronin, Daniel Beecher, Matthew Ivan Bennett

In memory of one of the great playwrights of our time. An emotional roller coaster and a modern masterpiece.

"Directing a Pinter play is like working with the top language expert in the English one knows how to put together sentences and pauses better than Pinter. The experience of The Caretaker is not a comfortable, romantic one. It pulls the audience into an emotional roller coaster as it depicts the realities of human nature and presents a not so pretty picture of times gone by and our times. The complexity of the play, Pinter's masterful use of dialogue, and the depth and perception shown in Pinter's themes all contribute to The Caretaker's consideration as a modern masterpiece. How often do you get to do a 'modern masterpiece'?"

--John Vreeke

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