A Cup of Joe with O | Robert Scott Smith

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Host Olivia Custodio sits down with actor Robert Scott Smith to discuss the role of Don in "Rapture, Blister, Burn".

Cup of Joe with O | TRACIE MERRILL

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In the final episode for the run of "Rapture, Blistern Burn" by Gina Gionfriddo, host Olivia Custodio sits down with actress Tracie Merrill to discuss the character of Catherine.

A Cup of Joe with O | Nell Gwynn

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Host Olivia Custodio sits down with actress Nell Gwynn to discuss the character of Gwen in "Rapture, Blister, Burn" by Gina Gionfriddo. 

A Cup of Joe with O | Stewart Fullerton

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Hot off the burner! A new "A Cup of Joe with O" is here! Host Olivia Custodio sits down with actress Stewart Fullerton who plays Avery in "Rapture, Blister, Burn".

A Cup of Joe with O | Adrianne Moore

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Join host Olivia Custodio as she discusses "Rapture, Blister, Burn" with director Adrianne Moore.

A Cup of Joe with O | Jeanette Puhich

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Salt Lake Acting Company is excited to announce a new video blog series, called A CUP OF JOE WITH O. Keep an eye out for weekly videos with your lovely host, Olivia Custodio, where she will sit down with the actors and directors of the current productions here at SLAC. …

3,000 Subscribers! SLAC Reaches New Heights

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We are proud to announce that Salt Lake Acting Company has reached an all-time record breaking number of 3,000 subscribers and still counting. We are literally jumping up and down with joy over the growth of our subscriber base. This means our subscribers trust our work and recognize the importance…

2014-2015 Season Press Release

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PRESS CONTACT: CYNTHIA FLEMING | 801.363.7522 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. August 14, 2014For Immediate Release Salt Lake Acting Company's 2014-2015 SeasonReflects New Mission Statement to Engage and Enrich CommunityThrough Brave, Contemporary Theatre Salt Lake Acting Company (SLAC), with renewed energy and excitement for the future, announces a new, community-centered mission statement as…

Count Your Many Blessings | VOYEUR actor Eb Madson

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They say that the second year of living in New York is the hardest. By that time, the rose-colored glasses have faded and the hype of living in one of the world's greatest cities is gone. That definitely was the case for me. In this last year, I worked several…


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I moved to Utah from New York City. "Why, in the name of everything holy, would you do that?!" you may be screaming at your computer. I am not Mormon, I would rather take a nap in my bathtub while watching "Toddlers and Tiaras" than go hiking, and if I…

Former Miss Riverton Lets Off a Little Steam | VOYEUR actor Leah Hassett

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It's not easy being a beauty queen. It may look like a glamorous life but there's a lot that goes into winning the high high honor of being crowned Miss Riverton*. It's not all fun and games, there's the constant trying on of gowns, perfecting that award winning smile, nail…
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